Keeping fit at Christmas: realistic workouts

Finding the motivation to exercise at any point of the year is a struggle. But it’s particularly difficult at Christmas, when all thoughts of the gym have been replaced by gin.

But fear not. Below are some tried and tested methods of working out over the Christmas holidays. They don’t require a gym membership or work ethic, and you can do most of them in your PJs. Merry Christmas.

Christmas-time workouts you can actually do:

1. Running out of your Uber en route to a Christmas party. The driver was moving at a glacial pace (30mph) and your train was leaving in 3 minutes. Only solution was to make a run for it.

2. Fitness DVD. To be brought out specifically once over the Christmas period. After doing one session out of 12 on the 10 Minutes Pilates DVD, you’ve done your bit until 2019.

3. Last minute shopping. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping more than a last-minute trip to Bluewater less than a week before Christmas. Within half an hour you’ll be sprinting to John Lewis in blind panic, hoping your grandma likes socks.

4. Posting Christmas cards. Very important to run down the road when posting your cards as it will inevitably be raining. Plus, an evil yappy dog lives by the postbox.

5. Christmas Eve Eve dancing. This sacred night is dedicated to going to your local spoons with some pals and burning off those 5 pints by getting very into the Christmas soundtrack.

6. Panic sprint on Christmas Day. Running downstairs on Christmas Day when you realise you haven’t wrapped Auntie Carol’s presents and she and the family are popping by as a surprise for lunch.

7. Wrapping presents. It’s strenuous arm exercise and positively bicep-building. Be sure to warm up and cool down for this exercise.

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